I was just reading the e-mail "TEN EASY WAYS TO CULTIVATE CASH" and
the "BOTTLE YOUR CHANGE" part stuck out to me. My DH and I have been
doing this for three years now and it really adds up. We've made a
new rule to never use change when buying something. Even if it's
$9.04 we still use a ten and pocket the change. Every day when we
get home we dump all the change into one of those 5 gallon water
jugs. At last count, which was over 7 months ago, we had a little
over $1000 in that jug. It's about 1/3rd of the way full. We are
saving up to go on one hell of a vacation with our two children in a
few years. That way we can enjoy ourselves and not have to worry
about how much we are spending. BTW we don't notice that there's all
this money sitting over in the corner. It's not a missed thing when

you are just putting change in it.

Maya in Illinois