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<<Ouch Nicole!!
<<I'm so sorry to hear about your run in with a poll. I hope you're
feeling better.>>

Mickey, thanks for commenting on this. The first time this message
went through, something seemed to prevent my comprehending
what Nicole had said. I suspect it'll make sense now when I comment
to Nicole, below.

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>><<I was introduced to a 22' pole as it landed on the top of my head.
I ended up with 9 stitches on the out side and one on the inside as it
cut an artery.>><<

Forgive me, Nicole, for what might have seemed like insensitivity on
my part about your accident. Surely we must be sisters in this

In June 2000, I hit my head on a large wooden beam outside the
home in which my sons and I were then living in Atlanta. I too had
severed an artery, and they had to shave from the top of my head
to halfway to my right ear and stop the bleeding twice before they
could stitch.

When the stitches are ready to come out this week (I'm judging that's
when), make a point of asking the person who is removing them, to
count each stitch to be sure every one of them is found. I had to
return for a second round of getting mine out because they hadn't
succeeded the first time.

Should you be among the millions of Americans who don't have health
and accident insurance, Nicole, don't be afraid to tell them at the
hospital. If you can't afford to pay the bill, and yet don't need or want
state assistance, they will work with you in some way and in many
cases, they will wipe out the bill. If you don't qualify for state aid with

medical, in fact, ask the hospital whether they participate in the
Hillburton Fund. (Of all things, it has to be called Hillburton, right? lol)
The Hillburton Fund will wipe out a bill like this if you meet their
criteria. (I honestly don't know whether this would have been the case
for the woman with the nearly $1 million in medical bills. There may be
a limit, but again, one cannot have health insurance and can't qualify
for state aid with medical.) Hospitals don't usually volunteer this
information. You need to find out, and be honest with the people
taking your information.

Hope that helps. You're in my thoughts and prayers.