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Genre: Games
Release Date: August 24, 2010

What our awesome players are saying: ***** Dope Free game - Chief722 April 5, 2011 ***** Super - Deployed Soldier Guy April 5, 2011, ***** Awsum - Freytes April 4, 2011


Take to the skies and take out your opponents!

'Jet Fighter Ace: Secret Wars' is a game that harkens back to the retro arcade shoot-em-ups, and brings in some nasty social competition.

Configure your ship with your choice of weapons, then fight against your friends' ships in a battle for SKY SUPREMACY.

Use the spoils of victory to buy even better gear and DOMINATE THE SKIES.


Features include:
- retro 2D pixel-art graphics
- arcade style shoot-em-up action
- customizable ships

- Crystals & Gold
- level-locked battles
- powered by OpenFeint, complete with Achievements & Leaderboards


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