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Get Outta My Galaxy!
Ookoohko Oy

Genre: Games
Release Date: March 17, 2011

Mayday! We're offering the game free for the limited period of May Day weekend (April 30 through May 1).

Get Outta My Galaxy! is an awesome 3D action game with puzzle elements for iPhone and iPod Touch.

All that Waka – the main character of “Get Outta My Galaxy!” – wanted was to spend quiet quality time between naps munching on rocks and staring into space. Those plans got messed up when wikus - a lively variety of alien life forms - started spreading around Waka’s deserted home planet.

That’s where you come in. You need to take Waka along for a mission to restore peace and quiet in the galaxy.

- Travel through four solar systems filled with action-packed levels. With more on the way!
- Meet a bunch of cheerful lovable characters and slap them all into oblivion!
- Collect mad powerups to grow into towering heights, whirl around like a tornado and more!
- Explore your xenophobic tendencies within the safety of your own phone.
- Enjoy astonishing graphics sharper than your retina will ever see!
- Choose between tilt controls tailored for the device or a virtual joystick to play the game.

Review Quotes:
“Get Outta My Galaxy is a fantastic little game that not only looks great, but also is a lot of fun.” - Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade
“The bite-sized levels are fun, frantic, and perfectly suited for a mobile device. You’ll spend the entire game slapping aliens around, and that doesn’t get old.” - Andrew Webster, Slide To Play
“It’s a game that could get away with being more expensive and still be worth playing so at less than a dollar, Get Outta My Galaxy is near unmissable. You won’t be sorry.” - Jennifer Allen, 148Apps

We haven't ruled any hardware revision out so any old iPhone or an iPod Touch will be able to run the game. While we've done our best to maintain playability across the entire device lineup, do note that there will be unavoidable performance differences between generations.

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