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TriviaTunes - Name That Tune!

Genre: Games
Release Date: March 09, 2011

RANKED 2nd with 500 000 downloads in the French App Store!
The Best Music Trivia Game EVER!

TriviaTunes is a music game: play with 100% original musical quiz on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch!

The first ever iPhone music quiz game to have songs streamed from servers at instead of the iPod library. Therefore, allowing all participants to play on an equal footing

With the download of TriviaTunes, players receive a complimentary playlist allowing them to discover the game with diverse music hits

Chugulu Games updates the game regularly with new volumes of music. These 100 song playlists are available by musical genre at a price of $1.99 each

Based on the players skill level, the playlists scale in difficulty

The game can be played alone or with up to 4 players on the same iPhone/iPod Touch

The game offers several modes of play:
- a "Buzzer" mode where the first to buzz with the correct answer wins;

- a "MCQ" mode where multiple choice answers are proposed and as the time runs out the wrong answers disappear for a lower score;
- an "Expert" mode for experienced players, who will enter answers using the iPhone keyboard

Players compete with published scores both against friends and on global ladders based on Open Feint and Game Center.

TriviaTunes, a friendly musical game, allows players to participate in an addictive and fun experience.

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