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Carve "Let Freedom Shine" for your next Fourth of July celebration</tbody>

Here is a Beautiful Wedding Decoration:

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<center>HOW TO GROW WATERMELONS <center></center></center>


<td>You can plant your own watermelon seeds right from your own melon slice. Here's how...</tbody>
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<td vAlign="top">Supplies:
<td>Watermelon seeds
Planting pot
Dirt (enough to fill pot)

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<ul>[*]Place the seeds about 1 inch deep in dirt in a plant pot. Or, you can plant the seeds outside in dirt where they will get a lot of sunshine.

[*]Water your seeds right after planting, and then water your seeds once a week. You should notice plants in about 10 days.

[*]Weed out (remove) the weakest plants.[/list]
You may not grow a watermelon, but you should begin to grow the watermelon vine. If you do grow a watermelon, it might not taste as good as the kind you buy at the grocery. That is because watermelon growers take extra special care of the watermelons they grow.</tbody>

<td></tbody></img>source of planting instructions: National Watermelon Promotion Board</img>

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