<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font COLOR="#008080" SIZE="2" FAMILY="SCRIPT" FACE="Comic Sans MS" LANG="0">Here's the zucchini recipe I mentioned. I don't use any meat in it. It is yummy!


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Title: Monster Zucchini

Categories: Casserole, Favorites

Yield: 20 Servings

I was once given (as a joke) a MONSTROUS zucchini from a friend's garden.

It had been overlooked when they were picking and it's size combined with

it's funny shape was a source of amusement. So they gave it to me to see

what I could do with it.

I was able to make it lie steady and flat on one side. I sliced off

(lengthwise) about 1/3 of the top. I cleaned out as much as I could of the

"lid" but still left it so it would make a good cover. Then I cleaned out

the inside of the zucchini so I could cut it up in @ 1" (or smaller)

chunks--same with the contents of the lid. I rubbed olive oil on the inside

of the squash.

I then made a stuffing with ground lamb, oregano, basil, marjarom, mint

leaves, salt, pepper, lemon juice, onion (fine diced) and garlic. All of

this was sauteed together and then I added the zucchini to it and some

tomato concasse When it was all cooked and well blended, and checked for

seasonings--I added some of my homemade herbed croutons and stirred that

into the mix with just enough chix broth so the stuffing was moist but

still had a fluffy body.

I the lid on the zucchini after stuffing it with this mix and wrapped it

in heavy duty aluminum foil. I put it on the gas grill and cooked it for

about 20 minutes if I recall correctly--the other foods were ready and we

all had quite a feast. That dang zucchini was scrumptious--it wasn't woody

or overly ripe and it served a whole lot of people. It cooked beautifully

and the seasonings made the whole thing a cookout HIT. The thing was just

about as long as the grill, but was a little curved on one end or it might

not have fit. It was comical to look at--but it disappeared fast at that

cookout.My friends always saved the BIG ones for me!!

I don't have exact measurements, because a lot of my cooking goes by what

looks, smells, feels and tastes right-- especially when concocting

something for a GIANT of a zucchini.<G> The joke turned out to be a fun

meal. LOU