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Raise The Village
New Charity Era, L3C

Genre: Games
Release Date: December 01, 2010

See Your Game Change Lives! - Change lives in a rural, African community as you Build, Grow and Customize the Village of their dreams on your iPhone!


Ranked #1 Game - 'Putting the Social in Social Media Games'
"This free game by New Charity Era goes beyond a regular city building game and incorporates social good into its game." - Singapore Kopitiam

Featured in Apple App Store’s “What We’re Playing” -- March 2011

“If you've yet to pay real cash for virtual goods, this could very well be the game that inspires you to take that leap.” – AOL’s

“Raise the Village is seriously revolutionary. I can’t get over how unbelievable this idea is and how much potential it has.” –

“Raise the Village should be commended and is more than worth a try.” – Inside Social Games


•BUILD YOUR VIRTUAL VILLAGE: To grow your village, build everything from village huts and village stores to crop fields and livestock farms. Your village is based on a real village in Uganda, Africa called Kapir Atiira.

•DELIVER ITEMS IN NEED: Grow items like cassava and cabbage. Deliver clothing, mosquito repellent and water cans. Raise Sheep, Rabbits, Pigs and more. Then watch your village's population grow and level up, as you become chairman of the village!

•GET REAL-LIFE DELIVERY PHOTOS: New Charity Era will make actual deliveries to Kapir Atiira based on HOW YOU PLAY! We’ve already made four deliveries to the villagers and provided them with beans, maize, mosquito nets, soap, bread, school scholarships and more. Then, you’ll earn photos of New Charity Era’s monthly deliveries to Kapir Atiira when items you’ve bought for your virtual village are delivered to the real village.

•SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE: Use Facebook to easily share your updates, unique delivery photos and screenshots of your village with your friends. Plus, delivery photos will automatically appear in a Raise the Village photo album on your Facebook profile.

•MEET THE VILLAGERS: See actual video footage and photos of villagers in Kapir Atiira. Learn about village activities and experience the villagers' day-to-day lives.

•VISIT BIKO IN AFRICA: Users have Biko as their village tour guide throughout the game. Biko is one of three founders of New Charity Era, along with Cameron and Joey. He permanently resides on location in the Ngora district of Uganda to provide you quick feedback as you play. Visit Biko’s Hut to read updates about Kapir Atiira and much more.

For more information about how you can see your game change lives, visit!


•Vastly improved gaming experience
•Ability to give gifts
•Visit your friends’ villages
•More footage of the real village

And much much more will be coming soon with Version 2.0!

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