For those suffering with poison Ivy (Just thought I would share this as I am currently covered with it!) you can use sweet-fern or Jewelweed to get rid of it. (Crush the leaves and apply to the poison ivy)

Avoid Hot Showers/Baths. Although they relieve the intense itching, they also open up your pores and allow the poison ivy/oak or sumac to spread further.

Here is further information on Jewelweed.

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<td align="middle" width="100%"><a name="Jewelweed"><big>Jewelweed</big></a>
<font face="Book Antiqua" size="2">(Impatiens capensis)

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<p align="center">Spotted Touch-Me-Not
<p align="left">An extremely common flower in wet, shady areas, blooming from June to frost. The pendent, orange-yellow flower, speckled with red hang like little jeweled cornucopias. Speckled red-orange and pure-yellow varieties. The smooth leaves grow on succulent stems. The seedpods become spring-loaded as they dry; exploding at a touch and scattering the seeds - hence "Touch-Me-Not".
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