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Title: Fried Rice

Categories: Favorites, Sidedish, Dinner

Yield: 4 Servings

2 Chicken breasts; cooked *

1/4 c Soy sauce


1 T Oil

2 Eggs

2 c Rice; cooked

2 T Oil

---------------------------------VEGGIES **---------------------------------

2 cl Garlic

1 c Celery

1 c Onion

1 c Mushrooms

* Use any meat you have left over.

Cut into bite size pieces; marinate in soy sauce and pepper.

** Use any veggies you like.

Saute veggies till soft. Add the meat, heat and keep warm. Heat the rice in

a little oil and scramble the eggs. Mix everything together and serve.

Recipe by Mickey Forster Starcademy@aol.com