No more fussing with layers of messy stickers or erasing insertable tabs on your hanging file folders! Filertek is a revolution in file indexing systems for hanging files with its own unique built-in writing surface. Simply use the included pen to write and erase your file subjects as many times as you wish! Use and re-use these amazing and convenient file tabs. A great way to keep down on the cost of file replacement and good for the environment too! Each package contains 12 assorted color tabs and a fine tip dry-erase pen. The patented built-in writing surface is protected by a clear cover and is always ready to use, together with the unique Filertek dry erase pen. Filing updates can now be completed in seconds and when it’s time to change or update a file simply open the clear cover, erase the file name, write the new file name and close the clear cover, it’s that simple! Tabs fit onto all hanging and suspension files. No more annoying pieces of paper that won’t fit or rip when you remove them, with the Filertek system you simply open, write and close, saving you valuable time, effort and paper.Expires May 1, 2011

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