Learn Russian - Russian Language Lessons - Learn Russian on Video with Valentina

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Learn Russian

Learn Russian - Russian Language Lessons - Learn Russian on Video with Valentina

This site was created for people who want to achieve a basic understanding of the Russian language.

It operates according to the following learning principles:

* Read
* Listen
* Understand
* Remember

Learning from textbooks provides a good foundation, but you may be surprised how little you can understand when someone speaks to you in normal-paced, native Russian. The way Russians talk on the street is significantly different to the ideal pronunciation presented in language books. The aim of this website is to help visitors to the Russian Federation understand Russian as it is naturally spoken.


The lessons are designed with the beginner in mind, especially those who are planning to travel to countries where Russian is spoken. We have tried to make learning as easy as possible via original sound recordings combined with the Russian text, English translations and phonetic transliterations (guides to pronunciation). The focus is on building vocabulary, and, unlike other websites and textbooks, grammar is introduced very slowly.

Listening to Audio on Listen2Russian.com

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