Chuck E. Cheeses is introducing fun-filled ways to help parents and children hop into the spirit of Easter. Whether its dipping eggs in dye, painting on fun designs or gluing on whiskers and ears to make their own Chuck E. egg, kids everywhere will be thrilled to make Chuck E. a part of their Easter celebrations. After the egg decorating is complete, parents can use printable Chuck E. & Friends Egg Holders and help their kids create an eggs-traordinary display for family and guests to enjoy during the spring holiday. Creating the egg holders is quick, easy and, like all Chuck E. Cheeses activities, is something the whole family can enjoy together.

How to Create Chuck E. & Friends Egg Holders

Step 1 Using any Internet browser, go to and print out as many egg holders as necessary on white card stock. Kids can use arts and crafts utensils such as crayons, glitter, stamps or rhinestones to personalize their Chuck E. egg holder. When decorations are complete, parents can help kids cut them out along the dotted lines, including the dotted notches for enclosing, with fine-point scissors.

Step 2 After the egg holder is completely cut out, take the two notched tabs and fit them together, closing the loop. If the notches fit together just right, there should be a smooth finish with no ends showing.

Step 3 When the kids decorated eggs are completely dried, or if using plastic eggs, place the eggs in the holder for an egg-cellent display of their fun and creative design as a table centerpiece or placeholder.

This collection of egg decorating ideas can be enjoyed by children as well as those young-at-heart and is sure to crack the whole family up. Chuck E. Cheeses encourages families to share their own creative Chuck E. Easter egg projects by emailing pictures to where they may turn up on Chuck E.s Facebook at