This is a bit confusing and it works the way those prepaid calling cards work. In essence, you get a pin code which you use to access the service to make calls and people can also call you using the pin code for a local call from wherever they are. So for example, if you want to call Israel, it's a local call from the states and vice versa.

The catch is that there is a commercial message and it's limited to 10 minute conversations at a time. Plus, cell phones in UK, France and Israel are not included.

They do have a paid service where there are no commercials and unlimited time. For an additional fee, you can also get a certain number of minutes to call cell phones in UK, France and Israel.

The service (run by Israel's national telephone carrier, Bezeq) is in beta and is at www.bezecom.com. Seems like a useful service for occasional calls to/from those countries.


Once again, I am posting this because it's a freebie, but I personally wouldn't touch this program/site or freebie. ~FG