A quieter Detroit People Mover is up and running -- in the opposite direction.

When the train reopens to the public at 9 a.m. today, passengers will ride clockwise through downtown Detroit instead of counterclockwise. To celebrate, Free rides are being offered through Monday until midnight. The People Mover closed for 27 days to lay 1,800 feet of new track on six worn curves along the train's 2.9-mile route.

Track designers determined that switching directions would help alleviate some wear and allow it to run more efficiently, cutting 26 seconds from the train's full loop. The fixes alleviated the train's high-pitched screeching, which was gone during rides on Friday.

The repair project cost $1.3 million, financed by the City of Detroit, the state and federal funds. Riders' 50-cent fares raise about $1 million a year of the People Mover's $11.2-million annual operating budget.

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