I stumbled across this site a couple of days ago and i have read and read and read for hours since finding it. As a housewife and mom of 4 (2 are now grown and out of the house) i have had to learn to cut corners every way imaginable. This site has offered so many tips and insightful new approaches. We are now going to attempt the $50 a week grocery shopping, though i dont expect to be able to get it right from the very beginning i do hope within a months time we will be very close to that goal. Now its just a matter of convincing d (aka the husband) that i need a vacuum food saver thing and a pasta rolling gadget (that one im going to push for mothers day) we already discussed buying more dishes the type that go from freezer to oven to table and he even thinks its all a great idea. I cant wait to read and learn more from everyone. We are planning on utilizing the natural resources down here like the abundant shrimp and seafood plus there is a small farmers market that is at the town hall almost every day. I am really looking forward to pre planning meals so that its not open a box and a cpl of cans for dinner and tossing one of the myriad frozen "healthy" meals into the microwave for lunch.