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Bird Strike - GOLD EDITION

Genre: Games
Release Date: January 07, 2010

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Who needs tiny wings when you have ROCKETS! Can you help Gerard the Bird soar to the top?

For a very limited time, Bird Strike is free again! Last time we were #1 Free App in US, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand EVEN Guatemala!! So Do Not Miss Out!

*** What's it about? ***

Launch Gerald the Bird into the air at high velocity and see how high he can go!

Collect rockets and pick-ups to help him soar higher and avoid obstacles that would stop his ascent.

Eventually though, what goes up, must come down....

Bird Strike has heaps of cool features:

Multiple game modes including World Tour and Endless Mode!
Multiple locations to test your skill travel through USA, Asia, Europe, Oceania!
Awesome Power Ups and Pick Ups to soar higher! Check out the new Viking Helmet!
High-score leaderboards and Achievements with OpenFeint
Challenges see how your friends stack up to your score!
Gerald the bird!

TouchArcade: "Bird Strike is a ton of fun"

The next insanely addictive game from PikPok! Once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it back down!!

NEW Flick Kick Chelsea is out now as well! Score the match winning goal for one of the top teams in the world!


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