FIVE (5) FREE Music Downloads from Rhapsody MP3 Store

After you register, click "Play Now", but NO NEED TO GO THROUGH THE ACTUAL GAME, just click on "Instant WIN" immediately, and you are GUARANTEED to win a Rhapsody coupon code good for 5 downloads from Rhapsody MP3 music store.

The code is instantly revealed to you, so no need to wait for the Email...

Officially you can win only once per person. But clearing the browser cookie and then putting in new "Email" entry can evade the restriction.

Each code is also equivalent to $4.95 worth of Rhapsody store credit, so you can actually stack these codes into one account and buy complete albums at $9.99. Therefore, those "album only" tracks will also be available for you to download by redeeming these codes.

The codes expire Oct 31, 2008. According to the Terms and Conditions of the promotion, there are one hundred and eighty thousand (180,000) codes to be distributed, which means there will be plenty for each of us