Reportedly- they send Visa GC for payment. Remember to Remove your Sim Card and delete any numbers or personal information in your phones BEFORE sending.

Get Cash for your Old Cell Phone or iPod While Saving the Environment at the Same Time: How It Works allows you to send in your old cell phone at no cost to you. In return, the service sends you money back, depending on the quality, accessories, and demand of the phone you send. It also gives you the option of pocketing the the $$... OR...donating the money to a charity.

The Details
Flipswap Trade-Ins gives you two options when trading in your old phone or iPod.

Put the extra cash in your wallet, you know you've earned it! Or;
Donate the funds generated from your trade-in to one of the charities listed in the menu at the end of this process.

Feels good, right? Remember, your trade-in is also helping to keep our landfills safer, and our environment cleaner. Flipswap Trade-Ins uses ISO 9001 and 14001 certified recycle programs, ensuring the greenest methods of e-waste disposal possible.

Free Shipping and Postage
We take care of the postage! Once you have accepted the credit offered for your phone, simply print out the prepaid USPS shipping label and attach it to the outside of your package. All postage will be paid for by Flipswap Trade-Ins once the phone is received!
Hundreds of different phones yield a cash or donation value
Flipswap Trade-Ins offers cash for hundreds of different phones. We accept phones from ANY manufacturer and ANY carrier in ANY condition. If you can't find your phone in our list, we'll add it for you within 48 hours! Simply send an email to with the manufacturer and model of your phone, and we'll send you an email as soon as it is added!
No Fees
Flipswap Trade-Ins is free to use. Trade in one or fifty phones with no cost to you - we even pay the shipping!