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Are You Prepared for E-Discovery?
August 12, 2008

New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require companies of every size
and type to be able to quickly retrieve electronic files subject to
litigation, or pay hefty fines. This can be especially problematic for
resource-challenged organizations.

With up to 75% of electronic evidence contained in email, you’ll need
fast, easy access in the event of a lawsuit.

And since so many lawsuits are employee related – 75% according to the
New York Law Journal – virtually every company is exposed to risk.

With Trend Micro™ Message Archiver you can:

• Search indexed emails quickly

• Allow lawyers to search without help from IT – preserving client

• Prove authenticity of email evidence through Message Archiver’s
tamper-resistant design

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featuring a podcast by Global Product Marketing Manager Chris Taylor,
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business. Learn how Trend Micro Message Archiver can help you
be prepared and make your IT team feel bigger.

Are You Prepared for E-Discovery?

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