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    Thumbs up A Week of Chicken, Beef, & Pasta Dinners

    This is for my family of 4 (2 adults + 2 kids elementary school aged; you may need to adjust amounts for your own family).

    Day 1: Roast Chicken, Carmelized Onions, Green Beans, Corn Muffins
    - Shred/chop extra chicken, put extra in fridge
    - Make extra carmelized onions, put extra in fridge
    - Eat extra corn muffins throughout week as snacks, etc.

    Day 2: Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, Salad
    - Cook whole bag of spaghetti. Save 1/2 - 1/3 for later in the week.
    - Double the sauce; Make 1/2 tomato sauce only. Also, save 1/2 meat sauce for later in the week
    - Eat leftover salad for lunch rest of week

    Day 3: Chicken & Carmelized Onion Pizza, Carrot Sticks
    - Use last night's unused tomato sauce (save rest for another use)
    - Used leftover chicken & carmelized onions from Day 1.
    - Extra chicken can be saved for another use.
    - Leftovers can be eaten w/salad for lunch rest of week

    Day 4: Spaghetti Pie, Steamed Green Beans or Broccoli
    - Use leftover spaghetti & meat sauce from Day 2.
    - I use this recipe: Linda's Spaghetti Pie Recipe | Recipezaar
    - Save extra veggies for tomorrow night.
    - If there are leftovers, save for weekend lunches and/or dinners

    Day 5: Shells w/Cheese Sauce & Veggies
    - Make mac n cheese from your favorite recipe, substituting big pasta shells. Feel free to customize this as you see fit (ie, adding tuna, veggies, etc.).
    - You can mix the veggies right in OR reheat them on the side OR toss in vinegarette dressing and eat as a side warm or cold.
    - Leftovers, if any, can be eaten for weekend lunches and/or dinner.

    Note that there are several possible leftovers to use as additional meals throughout the week (examples: cornbread muffin + salad w/chicken for a lunch; chicken & carmlized onion pizza + salad for another lunch; leftover chicken turned into chicken salad sandwiches; reheated leftovers for lunch or dinner; etc.).

    Hope you enjoy this!


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    Thanks. I loved the way you told me how to use the leftovers and to cook extra. Judi

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