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Zoombie Digger
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Genre: Games
Release Date: March 29, 2011

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In this hilarious and funny game you have to protect your home from constant attacks by zombie monsters! Zombie elephants, bouncing zombies hedgehogs, tank-driving zombies crocodiles, giant zombie snails and many others will do everything to destroy your house, and only you can stop them!

Dig traps and bury your enemies underground. Complete levels to upgrade your weapons from simple slings and bombs, to flying cows and falling anvils - *use your arsenal to survive against the onslaughta of ruthless animal zombies!

Aside from your usual zombie critters you will encounter zombie bosses that will jump out of your traps and are a lot harder to kill, so save your ammo!

Game features:
- Many types of evil but totally awesome zombies.
- Various ways to destroy the funny monsters.
- Unique bosses.
- Over 40 levels.

- 12 types of weapons.
- 6 types of super-weapons.
- 5 great gaming environments.
- Fun music.
- Great sound.

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