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Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: March 09, 2011

Free text messaging + free group messaging + message acknowledgements

Freespeech is the perfect combination of group messaging, text messaging and real-time message acknowledgements, and all for free.
It’s Free Texting… For anyone and everyone with the ability to text message via mobile phone.
· Get all the same functionality as “normal” text messaging, plus a whole lot more, add pictures and your status for friends to see.
· Send as many messages as you want without worrying about limits
· freespeech allows you to text anyone whether they have the application or not.
Get Grouped… With Group chats effortlessly add any contact or mobile number to a conversation. Any group member can add other friends to quickly build upon a group.
· Add new members to the conversation at the push of a button
· Use name, mobile number or any contact from your phone book to find and include any of your friends
See It Live… Realtime messaging features allow you to stop waiting and keep talking.
· Know when your message has been delivered
· See when it has been read by your recipients
· Watch them create a response to the conversation
Freespeech is the best of all worlds. Simple and easy. Versatile and functional. Fun and free. Find it all with this amazing text/sms application.
More Reasons You’ll Love it:

· Make group dinner plans
· Talk fantasy sports smack
· Keep track of your crew at concerts and events
· Rally friends at bar time
· And so much more!
More cool stuff:
· Include profile pictures so people can see who they’re talking to
· Update your status to let everyone know what you’re up to

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