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Hearts Multiplayer HD
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Genre: Games
Release Date: November 23, 2010

Everyone loves playing Hearts, but letís be honest, when youíre playing against a computer itís just too easy. Well, weíve got something much better for you: Hearts HD Multiplayer.

Now you can play Hearts against real people, and itís totally free! Made by Blue Frog Gaming, the same people who made the #1 rated Hearts app on the iPad, Hearts HD, this multiplayer version will test your moon-shooting skills against real live opponents.

Features new to Hearts HD Multiplayer include:

-Play via the internet. You donít need 4 friends and 4 iPads, just jump in at any time.
-ELO ratings, just like the pros use, so you can brag to your friends about how good you are.
-A matchmaking system that pits you against people of a similar skill level.

-A Quick queuing system that gets you right into a game.
-Game Center Leaderboards to show you where you rank against the competition.

So download the free Hearts HD Multiplayer today and play the only free, multiplayer game of Hearts on the iPad!

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