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Genre: Games
Release Date: December 18, 2010
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Share it with the world!

No boundaries and no restrictions. Get your message to the world and do it in style!

Pick a balloon, enter your message and launch it! Watch how people comment on it as it flies on a real map.

Catch other balloons as they fly over you and get to know the creators behind it.

You can only pick up a balloon which is in your area of reach. This area is marked on the map with a blue color. Balloons outside that area are not accessible - move closer to them or wait until they reach you.

Current reach radius is 100 miles.
With 100 000 balloons launched the radius will decrease to 50 miles.

With 300 000 balloons launched the radius will decrease to 30 miles
And finally with 500 000 balloons the radius will decrease to 10 miles.


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