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Atomic Ball
Meritum Soft

Genre: Games
Release Date: August 30, 2010

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Explore a new and unique incarnation of one of the best arcade games in history featuring 60 brilliantly designed levels in 10 different graphic themes and 6 awesome soundtracks!

"I definitely recommend this game, true brickbreaker fans shouldn't even hesitate to give this one a go. Addiction is high. Overall 9/10!"...

"Atomic Ball is a true 21st century graphically intense game that should blow other games in its genre away."...

"If you like Breakout styled games, you’re going to love Atomic Ball. Overall 4/5!"…

"A New Brick Breaker game-style fun and well done!"...

"A super hyped-up version of Pong with all kinds of insane mixed in."…

* Game Center Leaderboards
* 20 Achievements
* Multiball powerups
* Over 30 powerups unlocked as you progress in game

* It's a brick busting game so good that people behind desktop computers will envy you
* It features the most interactive and advanced physics in it's genre
* The game doesn't lose it's replay value as you play it again and again
* Game is optimized to take full advantage of touch controls and landscape mode
* Local high scores lists
* Thanks to online leaderboards, you can literally compete against the whole world
* By taking risks in game you will be rewarded with bonuses
* If you don't own a newer iDevice, just go to options and lower the details mode to benefit from smoother game play

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