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Doodle Jump: HOP The Movie
Lima Sky

Genre: Games
Release Date: March 15, 2011

The creators of Doodle Jump bring you Doodle Jump: HOP The Movie Edition.

E.B., the Easter Bunny's son, is about to take over the family business. However, before E.B. can become the Easter Bunny himself, he needs to become super-proficient in jumping, and who better to help him sharpen his jumping skills than the best jumper in the entire universe and beyond, Doodle the Doodler!

Hop your way through the Easter Bunny’s top-secret candy factory. Save Easter from a chick revolt led by Carlos and his fellow fluffy workers and earn the privilege of becoming a true Easter Bunny by completing all 25 levels. Unlock a new level every day leading up to the film release as you spring up to towering heights and gather different Easter eggs.

- 25 unlockable levels
- moving, disappearing, exploding, and breakable platforms
- candy, chicks, and jump 'n' hop!

-Tilt your device left or right to move in that direction
-Tap the screen to shoot
- Collect the egg at the end of each level

HOP is a live action/CG animated comedy by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.

Movie tickets link is only valid for AMC Theatres in the U.S.

© 2011 Lima Sky LLC and Universal Studios

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