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NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Genre: News
Release Date: February 04, 2010

Watch NHK WORLD TV live on your iPhone.

NHK WORLD TV is the international broadcast service in English that is produced around the clock by NHK, Japanís only public broadcasting station.
This application will allow you to enjoy news and information programs provided by NHK WORLD TV on your iPhone or iPod Touch anywhere in the world at any time.
Please note that some NHK WORLD TV programs cannot be made available for reasons of copyright.

The visual quality of the contents will differ according to the service connection being used. This application will automatically recognize your communication environment: Wi-Fi or 3G.
Via a 3G connection, up to about 9.5MB of data can be received every 10 minutes. However, if you are not using a flat rate data package, you will be charged according to the time you spend online.

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