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The Cartel SinCity

Genre: Games
Release Date: March 10, 2011

The Cartel: Sin City is the first official alternate server in The Cartel / Cartel Wars series.
It brings to life the full city experience, with full cartel and crew battles to conquer hoods and blocks for supremacy, cash and commodities.

*EXISTING THE CARTEL/CW USERS* Please note, this is a seperate server. Your current account in Cartel/CW will not transfer to this server.

The Cartel is a massive multiplayer online game that takes the concept and feel behind modern crime action games and brings it to the platform in an exciting multiplayer game.

Some of the main features of the game are:
In-game economy
Ability to acquire wealth through the creation of commodities
Ability to conquer and hold Hoods / Blocks
Perform actions to increase your status and wealth
Interact with other players through a private chat & live chat system and in-game forums
Join Crews with friends and allies
Form real Cartels with other Crews that benefit everybody
Target and fight your enemies directly
Use the Player Marketplace to barter your way to the top
Buy and equip a variety of items to enable Actions and enhance your character’s ability
Fight your way to the top individually, or using your Crew and Cartel power
Recognition for being on top by being listed in the Top Users

Accolades for special achievements

Cartel Wars is completely different from all the Mafia clones. We concentrated our efforts on making an accurate portrayal of real life underworlds. Our game economy, production and marketplace works just like the real world. The Cartel features all the best features put together in a tight and complete package.
Our social system is engaging and logical; we don't believe in popularity driven, invite systems to grow unmanageable, unrelated mobs.

Please Note:
This game is an online game only. Ipod Touch users will need to be connected to WIFI to connect to the game.

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