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Daybreak Heroes
Veiled Games

Genre: Games
Release Date: March 06, 2011

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Create your own Teenage Superhero and explore the world of Daybreak Heroes! Conquer villains, corner the online market, and save the city!

The most important question, when getting a new app, is what makes Daybreak Heroes different then a piece of delicious toast?

A piece of toast:
• Made of Bread
• Toasted in a Toaster.
• Excellent with Jam.

Daybreak Heroes:
• 1000's of super items and equipment to win, use, and trade with players around the world.
• 100's of quirky and unique monsters, tons of super hero quests and dangerous choices.
• Over 50+ themed locations, like "The Alternate History Museum," and "Red Mobster," to patrol for evil-doers.
• A robust in game economy where you can purchase the equipment you need to save the day, or sell your extras for profit.
• Made of 0's and 1's. Terrible with Jam.

Clearly, Daybreak Heroes is the winner here. And this is just version 1. We're hard at work every day to add exciting new features. The following is just a taste of what to expect in the next version:
• Player vs. Player Combat.
• Leader boards and competitive achievements.

• Friends lists (including messaging and gifts)
• Drastically reduced loading and wait times. Reduced to almost nothing.
• Player Badges to show off.
Expect the next great version in just a few weeks!

-!-Parents, please note that this game contains in-app purchases. They are not necessary to enjoy the game, but are an option. You can disable all in-app purchases on your device in the settings app.-!-

-!-If you experience crashing, please upgrade your device to the latest version of the system software. Daybreak Heroes will not run on first gen iPhones and iPods. We apologize deeply for our mistake, and are hard at work to fix this issue for the next version. Seriously, we're super sorry. We feel like idiots.-!-

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