In the latest Giant ( weekly flyer for 3/11 to 3/17 (in the Maryland and No. Virginia area at least) you will probably see TWO frozen food offers on the back page:

This is part of a "Frozen Food Month" Promotion which runs from Feb 25 through March 24, 2011 -

When you $100 worth of almost any frozen food you will get a catalina coupon back for $25 off most anything in Giant (except liquor, stamps, etc).

Even BETTER is this weeks promotion of $10 back (via catalina coupon) after a $25 (or more) purchase of frozen food from a list of 12 different products.

Here is a BASIC sample deal - note that you have to do this in FOUR SEPARATE PURCHASES:

Purchase #1 - buy 5 Freschetta pizzas for $25 and get coupon back for $10
Purchase #2 - do the same
Purchase #3 - do the same
Purchase #4 - one more time but this time you should get a $10 coupon AND a $25 coupon back

Total out of pocket - $100 for 20 Freschetta pizzas ($5 each) and have 4 x $10 coupons plus one $25 coupon good at Giant for the next TWO WEEKS. Basically this is 20 Freschetta pizzas for $35 - less than $2 each!

Printable Coupons are generally available for 5 days or less.

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