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Genre: Education
Release Date: March 09, 2011

Do you care about education reform in America? Are you sick of how slow change in our education system is happening? Is it an INJUSTICE to sit back and do nothing? Ever wish there was "an app for that"? Well now, there is and you can have a voice that will be heard...

The Unlimited Justice* platform [ WWW.ECKO.COM/*] and iPhone App is brought to you by the lifestyle brand ECKO Unlimited. The platform is what we call "justice marketing". It seeks to re-define social activism by combining familiar and lightweight gaming mechanics with highly-effective social networking tools.

FACT: In twenty of our nation's states, it is still legal for educators to strike students with a paddle as a form of discipline. The other thirty states have banned this barbaric practice; however - we are the UNITED* States, and therefore, our collective public education system is still faced with this INJUSTICE.

Its time to ban this once and for all -- and you can lead the movement by joining Unlimited Justice*.

How does it work? You gain points by "playing" through 5 levels:

1.) Learn the Facts
2.) Unite and sign the Pledge
3.) Recruit your friends and GO VIRAL
4.) Activate Legislators across all 50 states.
5.) Create the discussion

The more you use it the more points you earn - and the more points you earn - the more amplified your voice will become in the conversation!

The feature-rich UJ* app EMPOWERS you to:
-Gain more relevance in the conversation by scoring points and rising to the top of the Leader-board.
-Lookup your legislator via GPS.
-Build an army of activists through Facebook Connect with UJ*'s powerful recruiting tool!
-Facebook- and Twitter-bomb campaign related media and materials!
-Call, email, Facebook, tweet, and "email-to-FAX" your legislator to demand CHANGE - all at the push of a touchscreen button.
-Review our Blog and Latest News related to ending School paddling in the USA
-Most importantly... DO GOOD!!!

Before we begin to talk about education QUALITY in America, we have to talk about education EQUALITY! Download the app, sign in via Facebook Connect, and #FightThePaddle now to reach the top of the leaderboard!

Stay tuned as we will be adding more robust features!!!!

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