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Werewolf Rush
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Genre: Games
Release Date: December 14, 2010

Limited Free! (2011.03.12~03.15)

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DO enjoy the actions by becoming THE Wolf Men!!

* It is speed action game that Wolf Men build up their own world by escaping from Vampires because of conflict between Wolf Men and Vampires.

* You can dodge from monsters, attack monsters when you are equipped with gears and run away from Vampires.

* Speedy control and fast pace is required to complete stages within limited time to proceed to next stage. Difficulty is increased when each stage is cleared so excitement is maintained. Ranking mode provides score competition with other users to be more exciting.


The background is when Wolf Men were suffering from Vampires.
You are Wolf Men to run away from Vampires to arrive in Holy Land.
Challenge to become the best Wolf Men!!!


1. Multi Play game: It is a game that can be played several times a day in your spare time. The game adopted various playing habits of game users. 1~3 minutes short playing is possible for each stage and it is simple and intuitive game for light users to enjoy. It is also good for users who like competing with Ranking Mode.

2. Horizontal Scroll Action: Horizontal scroll that is ideal for running action game is adopted to maximize excitement. Especially, size of monsters is larger than general horizontal scroll games to maximize actions and attacks for better fun.

3. Various costumes: You can wear more armors as you progress. You can buy various options at the shop to wear to make more powerful character.

4. The game has stories inserted to make the game more interesting and focused. Various maps provide less repetitiveness and the character can turn into powerful wolf to be different from general action running game.

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