Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at Woot.com: "I’d just like to ask one question of all you earbud wearers: why don’t you like music? Seriously, though. Convenience is all well and good. Everything else being equal, there’s nothing wrong with traveling light. Problem is, the tinny earbud sound is no equal for these Pioneer DJ-Inspired Steel Wheels Headphones. You’re gonna surrender the precision-tuned, high-impact, full-spectrum sound of these 40mm drivers just because they don’t fit in your jacket pocket? You’d turn your back on these DJ-style swiveling ear cups just to keep your hair from getting mussed? Me, I’d rather, y’know, hear the music I’m listening to. That’s kinda my thing. But hey, whatever. It’s a free country. Wear what you dig. My only question is, why don’t you like music?"Expires Mar 14, 2011

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