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Here's How it Works: You tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests. We will then find products for you to test. It's that easy.

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Get it
First, sign up and tell us about yourself—your interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes. Once we know a little bit about you, we'll start working to pair you with products we are currently testing that meet your interests.

When we have an appropriate product, service or content match for you, we’ll email you to let you know. If you’re interested in participating in the test, you will need to fill out a brief Enrollment Survey specific to that test.

Once you have completed your Enrollment Survey, you will receive your free product, service or content to test (and keep!) at the mailing address you provided in your profile. You should receive your free product within 3 weeks of filling out your survey.

Try It
Next, you’ll get to try the product in your day-to-day life to gain more accurate, real world insight. Because testing in a room is never the same as integrating the products into your daily habits and rituals to see what you would really like to change.

Inspire It
You’ll then have the opportunity to influence by providing feedback online at (don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder after you receive the product to post your feedback) to tell us what you think about the product, service or content you tried.

Through SheSpeaks discussion boards, you’ll get to talk with other women who are testing the same product, service or content and share your thoughts.

After the test is over, we’ll give you the inside scoop to let you know how your input has impacted the product.

Share It
Then, we'll offer you free products, special offers and valuable coupons that you can pass along to your friends. But, we warn you, they're likely to make you quite popular.
And then it starts again. When we find a product, service or content you may be interested in, we’ll email you. Remember, the more you tell us about your interests and passions, the better we will be able to offer you opportunities to receive and test matching products.