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Ready Action!

Genre: Games
Release Date: February 10, 2011
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# Congrats! &#39;New and Noteworthy&#39; Chosen(Feb. #
&#34;Overall, Ready Action is a great platform game, and offers many exciting levels. You are sure to enjoy jumping and attacking your way past enemies for hours. For $1.99 it is great game to add to your iPhone.&#34; -

&#34;Vibrant cartoonish parodies / The cartoonish designs are fantastic and the animations remain smooth throughout.&#34; -

&#34;Imagine my surprise while I was playing Ready Action! ($1.99) and found myself enjoying myself thoroughly and reminiscing about my childhood playing Mega-Man, Little Nemo, and a slew of other 8-bit platformers. This really is a very well-executed design with pleasantly nostalgic gameplay.&#34; -

( - iNicoFun; Gameplay


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