Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at Woot.com: "We’ve tried counting calories ourselves, but we only have so many fingers. So when we ran into the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale, we thought "Great, there goes our last excuse for being oblivious to what we eat." We haven’t had a midnight burrito since. With nutritional data for 1,999 foods and the capability for users to add 99 more of their own, this Kitrics scale doesn’t just tell you the weight of what you’re eating. It displays a nutrition label like the ones on food packages, spelling out in gruesome detail the calories, fats, carbs, sodium, and cholesterol you’re about to put into your body. (And the good stuff, too, if that helps.) Personally, we like NOT knowing too much about what our filthy habits are doing to ourselves. Curse you, Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale, for disturbing our ignorant bliss."Expires Mar 6, 2011

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