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Crazy UFO
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Genre: Games
Release Date: January 05, 2011

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Become an Alien, visiting the Earth. Everything will be very unfamiliar, and you will have to research on this savage, uncivilized and very dangerous territory. The locals will be opposing you, due to their ignorance and primal misbelieves, uncapable of understanding the greatness of your mission. Primitive weapons of earthlings, severe weather conditions and sometimes unpredictable behavior of the animals, that don't like to be studied, will be trying to prevent you from reaching your goal - but nothing can stop a real researcher.

- Lots of unique landscapes and levels, animals to study, enemies on the ground and in the skies.
- Ability to upgrade your ship, improving its speed, maneuverability and durability.
- Abductions in different climatic zones, differing in complexity.
- Amusing story of fancy aliens on Earth.


- Retina display support!
- Amazing improved graphics!
- Optimized performance on iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G!
- New outstanding visual effects!
- New achievements!

- And more!


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