Finishing homework, brushing teeth and being a great listener have never been more fun than with Chuck E. Cheeses Rewards Calendars. To help parents encourage positive behavior from kids, family entertainment leader Chuck E. Cheeses rewards children for completing their chores and having good behavior with 12 free, printable Rewards Calendars. In as little as two weeks, parents and children can redeem their completed calendar for ten free tokens to use for games and prizes at their nearest Chuck E. Cheeses location.

Rewarding children for good behavior with Chuck E. Cheeses Rewards Calendars is as easy as 1-2-3! Whether its teaching kids to be Potty Perfect or Done with Thumbs, parents can visit to download and print a rewards calendar for their child to complete. As each day passes and kids reach their daily goal, families can mark the days off the calendar with a pen or sticker. Having a day-to-day structure in place to track progress of childrens goals sets a precedent for highlighting the many benefits and rewards of working hard and persevering through challenges.

By following these quick and easy steps, Chuck E. Cheeses Rewards Calendars help parents and children work hard toward accomplishing their goals, teach kids personal responsibility and congratulate them for their outstanding efforts.

In addition to Rewards Calendars, the Chuck E. Cheeses Tokens for Grades achievement program rewards kids with tokens and fun for earning good grades. Chuck E. Cheeses Sports Ribbons, which can also be printed online, recognize the various important roles children can take when working together as part of a team. As a national leader in family entertainment for more than 30 years, Chuck E. Cheeses believes in fostering positive, constructive behavior in children and families throughout the community.