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Genre: Games
Release Date: February 09, 2011

* Dogfight means a fight between fighter planes, they fly close to one another and move very fast.

Dogfight is very simple but exciting survival shooting game. Just drag fighter to shoot down enemy's fighter.

Game Description


- Simple and easy control. Just drag. That's it.
- Various items for more fun.
- Global/Country/Daily/Local top scores support. You can compete with people all over the world.
- You can also beat your friends on Facebook.
- Fighter unit was designed based on real war.


- Just drag fighter to attack enemy.
- The longer you drag, the faster movement.
- Automatic attack if an enemy is in your shootable range, and vice versa.
- Exclamation mark let you know enemy's position in advance.
- New item shows up every five down's of enemy.


- Red missiles : Four straight missles.(20seconds)

- Blue missiles : Four radial missles.(20seconds)
- Green missiles : Power up missles.(20seconds)
- Invincible : You can shoot down enemies by touching it.(20seconds)
- Shield : No damage.(20seconds)
- Lightening : All enemies down in the current screen.
- Repair : Repair damaged fighter(100%)

* Upgraded unit

- Ugraded unit will be availabe if you shoot down total 5,000 enemies. If you want use it immediately, you can buy it for $0.99.

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