List Price: $187.74 Deal Price: $81.38 You Save: $106.36 (57%)Find your favorite passages instantly anytime, anywhere. King James Version/New International Version Holy Bible w/Holman Bible Dictionary The BIB-475 combines two bibles (King James Version and New International Version) and the Holman Bible Dictionary. This complete bible reference tool contains complete text of the Old and New Testaments, Bible search thesaurus, Devotional and Learn - a - Verse. You'll be able to cross reference verses in the KJV and NIV Bibles, lookup words between Bibles and do word lookups from the Bibles to the Holman Bible Dictionary. The electronic Bible looks like a book when closed and is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet, is perfect for desktop use when opened. This is the ultimate reference tool for clergy, seminary students or anyone who wants to study the Bible in depth.Expires Mar 16, 2011

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