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Bongo Touch Lite

Genre: Games
Release Date: February 08, 2011

Bongo Touch Lite now is included 4 easy songs. Silent Night, The First Noel, Sunrise Bossa, and Mirage Island. Find another fun and exciting songs in our full version!!!

We're sorry that Lite version 1.1 unable to update this February , We will try our best to make lite version more enjoyable and release on early March. With more song and flesh animation.

Bongo Touch, the brands new rhythm game that surrounded by coconut tree, sunshine, sea breeze, and white sand beach including with the rhythm of Hawaiian, bossanova, Cuban, Pop and Classic music style. Challenging with the 19 songs to unlock new songs, and taking S rank for all musics will lead you to be the King of Bongo!!!

Lite Version 1.0 Features:
-4 Songs

If you think Bongo Touch lite 1.0 too easy and only few songs you should try Bongo touch 1.1 which has been released.

-New flesh animation
-16 songs plus 3 new songs to unlock
-10 music difficulty levels
-Performance Mode
-Game Center support
-More than 40 achievements to reach


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