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Peel Personal TV Listings & Remote Control
Peel Technologies, Inc.

Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: October 15, 2010

Peel is a free guide that learns TV shows you like and suggests top picks to watch on TV. Add Peel control to watch with one touch...

The free Peel app features:
A beautiful guide to see what's available to watch on your TV
Separate views for TV shows, movies, and sports
Show summaries including episode information, cover art, viewing times, and the channel number for your provider
Highlight your favorite programming, and over time, Peel tailors its Top Picks to your preferences
Find shows and sports from only the channels that are actually available to you, including optional premium channels
A simple search interface for finding exactly the show you want
Share what you're watching on Facebook and Twitter in one easy step
Current and future time slots - see up to a week ahead

Peel control hardware features:
Go from finding your show to watching it on TV with a single tap
Control your entire entertainment system with simple gestures, right from iPhone or iPod touch
Works with TV, DVR, Blu-ray, AV receivers, Cable, Satellite, Apple TV, Roku and more

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iOS 3.0 and above
US only

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