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Fun Fun Sports
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Genre: Games
Release Date: February 21, 2011

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Ever wanted to participate in the Olympics?

Look no further “Fun Fun Sports” is just for you. Countless interesting and fun filled levels where you get to participate in all your favorite athletics like running, diving, archery and more. Unlock more sports levels as you play along and complete the existing missions.

Start your Olympic dream with a 100 meter dash competing with your opponents. Try to start perfectly, run as possible as you can and finish your run successfully.
Test your targeting skills in archery. Shoot the target and hit the bull’s eye to win and move on to next levels.
Try diving. Use your skills and creative talent to maneuver your jump to impress judges. Back flips, somersaults and spins are all there to try. Just remember, timing your jump is very important.

Completing each mission will unlock more and more interesting and intriguing athletic levels where you compete with your challenger in a bid to win medals.

HURRY UP... your medals are waiting...!

TIP!!!: To select a right character will help you to clear the mission for each sport.

“The game as a whole is great. I am huge fan of sport games like this. The gameplay is excellent. The sports give the game variety with a bit of a challenge.” – TouchArcade Reviewer

“A very good difficult sports game. It has a steep learning curve and it is frankly very difficult for me but it got simpler and simpler I played.” – TouchArcade Reviewer


- Very simple, easy to play yet interesting stages
- Represent your favorite country and character
- 3 unlocked sports and 6 more locked sports waiting for you
- Each of the sports has 11 missions
- Break existing records and set new ones

&#169; 2011 DigitalCoolio Inc

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