Free USA Football Captains packs

A USA Football Captain's Pack includes:

* 25 "C" Captain patches for the players' uniforms
* 200 helmet decals to award when a player exhibits a "Captain's characteristic"
* 25 Captain's pledges

Captain's Packs are available through the League Administrator and Coaching Memberships

Being elected captain is a tremendous honor. A team captain has earned the respect of his or her teammates. This person has set the standard for a team's code of conduct and work ethic. Young football players often elect a captain based on athletic skill and game day achievement, and that's OK. On the football field considerable skill and achievement aren't possible without hard work and commitment, two characteristics any child can possess.

Any young player-regardless of skill or statistics-can be a team captain. Reward your players for exhibiting Captain's Characteristics with our free Captain's Packs.