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    Star Free Green Cleaners

    To sign up, click here: by

    I'll post the info here as well: is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Sign up with us to be considered to receive free products.
    2. Once you receive your product from, try it out! You have 30 days to use it before the review is due.
    3. Write your review of the product, including at least two links and let us know where it's posted.

    That's it! You're all done & now you're eligible for the next round of reviews! is concept developed by Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies as a way to promote our company and products. It is a simple innovative approach to help "spread the word" about our products and mission.

    In exchange for the featured free product, we ask you to write a review of the product you received containing at least two links. One link to Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies and one to the particular product on our site.

    You can post your review to your blog, myspace, a product review site, or anywhere you feel is appropriate. We do not set limits on the length or content other than it must relate to the product you received and it must contain at least two links back to us.

    Each request we received is manually review by a member of's staff. Not all people who sign up will be approved to receive a product. There is no limit to the number of times you can work with us, we change products often and as long as previous reviews have been completed and appropriate, you are eligible to receive a sample of the next product we feature.

    After submitting your request, Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies will review your submission and email you to let you know when your free product ships. You will also be notified when we change to the next product, so you'll never miss a chance to receive a product and write a review.

    We have a limited quantity of each product so you'll want to act fast to make sure you contact us before all the products are gone! You can also sign up to be alerted via text message in case you are not near your email all the time. This way you'll be notified the moment the next product is up!

    Sign up with today!: by

    Skeptical? Worried about a scam? - Read on.....

    ** The is absolutely NO COST to you involved.

    Thank you for your interest in We will contact you shortly if you are selected to review this week's Free Green Cleaning Product! Please note, even if you are not selected for this week's product, you still remain eligible for all subsequent weeks.


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    Default Re: Free Green Cleaners

    So I see this is going around again, has anyone tried this and actually had a chance to test a product?
    Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Day. Best Wishes From MN ~ Pamela

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    Default Re: Free Green Cleaners

    I agree! Has anyone actually tested a product of theres? I signed up anyway. But would like feedback! Thank You for the post! Every little bit helps!



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