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Translation Fire
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Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: February 08, 2011

TransFire offers fast & accurate Translation, Phonetic Transliteration, Text to Speech, Translated Chat, & Social Networking features. Instantly translate & send messages to and from 52 languages.* Free for limited time only!

Version 2.0 will be ready in March with some amazing new features, bug fixes, and new improvements made from consumer feedback! Version 2.0 is a free update, so download version 1.1 today!

*Note, As the language translation technology and improved features are ready to add, the App will be updated and notifications will be sent out for free updates to all users.
This truly is a sleek, well designed, easy to use, and very advanced App - You will be very impressed!

* Translated Chat
- Chat feature includes instant translation to and from 52 languages.
- Type in one language and the message will appear on your buddy’s screen in their language.
- This feature works with any existing Gchat account. Once you sign in your existing buddies will be uploaded automatically.

* Phonetic Transliteration
- Available for 13 languages!
Available for no additional charge: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Greek, Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and Thai.
- Learn to Speak another Language.
- Use this feature to pronounce and sound out the translated message.
- This will spell out the translated message in your native language for an easy way to read and pronounce the translation.
- Phonetic Transliteration is only needed for any language not written in Roman Characters!

* Listen to the Translation via Text to Speech
- Available for 37 languages!
- Text to Speech feature will accurately speak the translated message.
- Speech even includes the proper accent for that language.
- Combine Text to Speech with Phonetic Transliteration and easily teach yourself to speak another language.

* Email or SMS
- Send the Translation via Email or Text Message.
- Your existing contacts will be uploaded automatically.

* Facebook and Twitter
- Sign in to Facebook and Twitter within the App to post or tweet your translation to all your friends and followers.

- Use the BUMP feature to easily and instantly add a Chat Buddy.
- Simply touch your iPhone to another iPhone to become Chat Buddies.

* Favorites
- Save your favorite translated phrases to an existing category you create.
- Create your own list of Categories in which to save your favorite translated phrases for quick reference.

* History
- Messages sent via Email & SMS, or posted to Facebook & Twitter will be saved to History for quick reference to ongoing threads.

* Clipboard
- Copy foreign text from the web or your inbox.

- Tap and paste the message in to the clipboard.
- The foreign language will be automatically detected and translated.

* Info
- Ability to Turn ON & OFF the info prompt.
- Info prompt will help guide the user through the app explaining the use of each button.

* Settings
- Customize your TransFire Settings.
- Edit the Send, Language, and Profile Settings to what best suits you.

* Swap
- Double check translation accuracy by swapping back and forth.
- Swap to save the translated message to your Favorites.

* Customer Service
- Instantly email the Developer to alert us of any issues or concerns with our App so they can be addressed quickly.
- Any ideas or suggestions on how to better improve our App are welcome.

© 2010 TNT Creations, LLC.

Free Apps are usually available for less than 48 Hours, because of this, all threads are automatically closed to additional comments/responses at that time.