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Pie Maker
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Genre: Games
Release Date: February 11, 2011

You have made sundaes, cakes, cookies, and cupcakes on your iPhone or iPod Touch, or iPadÖ but what about pies? However you slice it, everyone loves pies, so this app is for anyone and everyone!* Create a pie that looks just as good (or better) than your grandmaís! Hereís how to whip it up- itís easy as pie!
First, choose a crust, and then decide what kind of pie filling you want to put in the crust.*
Now itís time to mix the pie filling ingredients in the bowl.* Stir them with the wooden spoon until the filling is well mixed.* Use a spatula to spread the filling into the pie crust you chose.* If the topping you want needs to bake, donít forget to place it over the filling before baking.* Now, place the pie in the oven and watch it until it turns golden brown!
The fun is not over yet!* You canít forget the ice cream or the whipped cream and sprinkles!* Transform your slice of pie into a character with a goofy face using the candy and fruit decorations or perhaps the chocolate and strawberry syrup!* Do whatever you want with fun, colorful, and delicious items from 6 sweet categories:
-Forks and spoons
-Sprinkles, fruit, and more
-Ice cream

-Whipped creams
With all the choices, you will find yourself baking pie after pie with different flavors, crusts, and toppings!* Too bad you canít use them to throw at your annoying classmate at school!* But, you wouldnít want to ruin your sweet treat anyway, so impress your friends, and post it on Facebook instead! You can also show off by emailing or saving it in the fridge for later.
This FREE version of Pie Maker includes a SAMPLING of pie making items.* If you want access to ALL of the items, you will have to BUY the content packs which are available from within the game. Enjoy!

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