Tide Total Care at Walmart
Help preserve the seven signs of beautiful clothes.
Your family’s clothing says a lot about you. If their clothes look worn out, stretched out or faded out, then you might be sending the wrong message.
New Tide® TotalCare™ helps you maintain the beautiful look of clothes, so your family always looks great. And that speaks volumes.

Washing with Tide TotalCare helps:

* Clean thoroughly
* Protect color
* Preserve shape
* Maintain finish
* Enhance softness
* Prevent pilling
* Fight stains

Get a great deal and keep clothes looking beautiful
Walmart is featuring Tide TotalCare on Rollback. That means you can save money and wash with a detergent that helps keep your family’s clothes looking great. So hurry in for an affordable way to wash your wardrobe and help protect your investment.

Available in Cool Cotton or Renewing Rain.