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Infection Zone Lite

Genre: Games
Release Date: December 09, 2010

Defeat the Viral attack, Kill’em all!
Help Professor Tommy Kimble to defeat the upcoming viral attack on the city!
No worries! Kimble’s superior mind has produced unique of its kind antibiotic to defend and get rid of bad virus’s enemy.
They are active and getting cloned everywhere – you are equipped with unique tools too. Some of pharmaceutical firms are not happy with Kimble’s initiative.Be a winner and clean the city before biometric destructive wave may destroy it – excitement has no limit, control your temper and enjoy the game on your iPhone – Play the Infection Zone, Now!.

- Bright, light and full of amazing effects game

- Innovative, yet - interactive board objects (step cell) – Be a Winner, kill’em
- Power Ups (Super Jump and 2 Turns ) - Catch the gold coins to unlock 'em!

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